Pledge Drive to Support the Arts in Asbury Park

Arts Coalition of Asbury Park (ArtsCAP) has announced a new initiative at The Showroom Cinema to support a variety of arts projects in the city. Scheduled to run June 10-16, the Art Curious Film Series is a week long effort to raise funds and awareness for public art and a youth oriented filmmaking challenge in the city. “ArtsCAP’s mission is to promote the arts as a positive force for growth in Asbury Park,” states Ginny Otley, ArtsCAP president. “The public needs to be made aware and become an active participant in helping to provide the resources to make our projects a reality,” she continued. 

"The Arts Curious Film Series is one of many pledge weeks we’ll hold with ArtsCAP in order to raise funds to support arts projects that will benefit the community,” said Mike Sodano, co-founder of the ShowRoom Cinema. “Arts-centric films are the catalyst to drive the community to the theater and in so doing, ArtsCAP will have the opportunity to directly solicit community support and raise awareness for their current arts projects.” When movie-goers attend films from June 10-16, they will be given the opportunity to pledge their support to the arts in Asbury Park by making a tax deductible donation to ArtsCAP. 

Starting June 10 and running through the 16th, The ShowRoom Cinema will present the documentary ART BASTARD, a profile of famed artist Robert Cenedella. Hailed by Phil Hall of The Examiner as “4 stars, A pure delight! This tribute to a marvelous talent is long overdue and ‘Art Bastard’ pays an invigorating celebration to a one-of-a-kind genius.”

In addition, on June 12th and 14th, another installment of the crowd-pleasing Art and Architecture in Cinema series comes on screen. RENOIR: REVERED AND REVILED examines this artistic giant but more than that it uncovers a rarely told story that places Renoir as a critical link between the old and the new.

“The Arts Curious banner permits us to offer unique pairings of films under a cohesive effort and reach out to our arts-centric community in support of the arts in Asbury Park,” concludes Sodano.

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